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We thank the following sponsor clubs for their generous support of this event:
Superstition Kennel Club
Scottsdale Dog Fanciers Association
Phoenix Field & Obed.
Kachina Kennel Club
Sahuaro State K C
Arizona White Mtn K. C.
Sun Country Terrier Club
Sporting Dog Association of Arizona

Desert Fun Bunch - Lure Coursing
Jumping Chollas - Agility
Arizona Herding Association - Herding

Specialty Breed Clubs:
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An open letter from AKC to all AKC affiliated Arizona Clubs:

Please take a moment to recall how you got your start in the dog world. Many of us experienced our first taste for the thrill of competition at matches. Knowledgeable veterans shared their expertise and passion about the sport. They became our mentors and lifelong friends.

The AKC invites you and your fellow club members to join together with other clubs in your area to share your knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm for our wonderful sport with potential newcomers by conducting an AKC Canine Experience (formerly called the AKC Education Match).

The AKC has established the AKC Canine Experience Program that will assist AKC-affiliated clubs nationwide hold education matches for the public. Together, we will attract and grow the next generation of fanciers and mentors and help ensure the future of the sport of purebred dogs.

The AKC Canine Experience welcomes, educates and recruits new exhibitors by presenting a morning of educational activities followed by an afternoon AKC-sanctioned match. All clubs that provide significant participation in assisting with a match and educational activity as part of an AKC Canine Experience event will be credited for holding an AKC-sanctioned match.

Activities for this event include:
Dog show procedures – A presentation explaining dog show classes, placements, championship points and other pertinent information.
Dog show entry assistance – Knowledgeable individuals provide assistance on how to obtain a premium list, get on the superintendents’ mailing list, and fill out an entry form.
Handling class - Experienced handlers and owners provide handling instructions, including basic gaiting patterns and breed-specific handling tips.
Grooming tips – Experienced groomers, owners, or handlers present general and breed-specific advice on proper grooming.
Equipment advice – Handlers and owners recommend the necessary and proper equipment to start showing.
Vendors - Vendors should be available for new exhibitors to purchase recommended equipment. Herding Demonstrations and run-throughs.
Companion Events – Agility demonstrations and possible run-throughs. Obedience and rally run-throughs and a fun match.
Booth – A public educational booth staffed by the local Public Education Coordinators.
AKC Canine Good Citizen – CGC information and testing may be provided.

Club-member participation is critical to the success of these events. Individual mentoring is all-important and should occur in addition to scheduled handling, grooming, and dog-show-basics presentations.

AKC will support the event by:
E-mailing invitations to owners of newly eligible registered dogs in the geographic area surrounding the event. Providing materials for local PECs to distribute at their booth. Assisting with coordinating the participation of a professional dog event superintendent Welcome the new participants.

What are the advantages to the clubs that participate?
Additional entries at their future show from the new exhibitors. New potential club members for the clubs. Building camaraderie and relationships from working with other local area clubs. All clubs participating at significant level will receive credit for a Sanctioned “B” Match.

An AKC Canine Experience has been scheduled in your area. Clubs from the Scottsdale/Mesa, Arizona area are hosting the event on November 22nd at the Westworld of Scottsdale, 16601 North Pima Rd.

To participate, please contact:
Dave Traylor for the all-breed clubs – email Dave Traylor
Lanore Matter for specialty clubs – email Lanore Matter - cell phone 602-803-9777

These events are major undertakings that will benefit all participating clubs. By sharing the tasks among multiple clubs, you can share the workload and rewards. I strongly encourage you to get involved with this event. We need new exhibitors in the sport!

For more information about planning an AKC Canine Experience visit http://www.akc.org/pdfs/Educational_Match_Manual.pdf

Thank you, in advance, for your participation, enthusiasm and hard work. With your help, the AKC Canine Experience will succeed in creating a new cadre of AKC event participants and increasing the membership rosters of AKC clubs!


Walter Bebout


Local Club Participation

To quote AKC, "this is not a single club event!" To date, the Fiesta Cluster Clubs (SKC & SDFA) are partnering as coordinators of this event. As plans progress, local All Breed, Specialty, Agility, and Obedience Clubs will be asked to join in
Specialty Clubs must meet new requirements to gain AKC approval for their 2009 Specialty shows. The CE event will offer them a means of meeting both Plan A and Plan B requirements, depending on their desired participation level. Plan A credit may be received by significantly participating in the CE match event -or- conducting the CGC portion of the CE. Plan B events include Meet the Breeds. Although not listed on the Plan B requirements, it is possible that other CE events may quality.
B Match participation credit : The AKC CE Guide states that ALL Clubs who participate significantly in the event will get credit for a B Match. After the event, the match chair will provide AKC with a list of clubs who significantly participated in the event.
Financial Responsibility: The AKC CE manual states "All participating Clubs should form an agreeable financial plan. A detailed financial plan is in the works, however, at this time, there is no plan to ask Specialty Clubs to contributeto the cost of the event. For further information, please contact Dave Traylor.