The Superstition Kennel Club Breeders' Directory has been established as a non-profit public service to those seeking information concerning American Kennel Club Registered dogs, stud service, training classes, boarding, grooming services and general dog information. 

The Superstition Kennel Club uses a screening process that checks the background of the listed breeders and requires ongoing club affiliation and two well-known references. Every effort is made to insure that only responsible and ethical breeders, who have the best interests of their breed(s) and purebred dogs will be listed.  Superstition Kennel Club lists these individuals for your information only. 

The Superstition Kennel Club recommends the following considerations:

1. Potential buyers become informed as to the suitability of a particular breed to their family and household environment.  Dogs seen on TV, in Movies or Print Ads are not a reason to purchase a particular breed.

2. Potential buyers should investigate more than one breeder as a source if possible.  Ask questions concerning temperament and health problems of the particular breed.  Request to see the parents and their current registration and pedigree.  Inquire about the history of the puppy you are interested in for possible purchase (i.e.: general health since birth, shot and worming history, diet and what may be required in the future to maintain excellent health of the puppy.

3. Potential buyers should negotiate all terms of the sale before actually purchasing the dog and obtain that agreement IN WRITING.  A responsible breeder will give you a bill of sale and receipt.

4. Potential buyers must consider the long-term effects of owning a dog. Puppies grow up and they are a lifetime commitment.  The buyer is responsible for that dog's ongoing well being.

5. Potential buyers should take their new dog to a veterinarian as soon as possible to insure it was healthy at the time of purchase.  RESPONSIBLE BREEDERS regularly recommend going to the veterinarian within 24-48 hours and WANT to be advised of any problems.

6. Do not sympathy buy if overall conditions are unacceptable, puppies are ill, overly aggressive or shy  WALK AWAY.  You will be purchasing a heartache and a vet bill.

The Superstition Kennel Club is concerned with any possible problems that may arise.  Any questions or difficulties should be brought to the BREEDER'S attention as soon as possible.  The Superstition Kennel Club would like to be informed, if you are unable to reach an agreement after negotiating with the breeder in good faith.

Registration issues should be brought to the attention of:

The American Kennel Club
5580 Centerview Drive
Raleigh N.C. 27606

(919) 233-9767

Medical treatment and advice must be obtained from a veterinarian.

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